Hurry up and wait! Hurry up and wait!

Planning a wedding seems to come in waves.  When you start, there are a ton of things you have to nail down right away, or other brides with the same date will snap them up: the venue, the photographer, the band.  Then there are things you have to do ridiculously far in advance: order your dress, register.

But once you get past that initially blur or activity, things seem to settle down again–for a while.  We just hit another blur of activity over the past few weeks.  

First, as my last post mentioned, we found or minister and had our first meeting with him.  This led to us needing to plan out our ceremony as well, which is now in a draft format and back with the minister.  Next up was my first bridal shower in Cali, which was a lot of fun and a great chance to catch up with my USC ladies.  The following week, I had my hair and makeup trial run, we took our engagement photos, and we had our tasting.  Oh–and we booked our transportation.

Seems like now, I’m sliding into another lull, but it also gives me some time to focus on a few of the craft projects I need to do.  But I’m also starting to get a wondering eye when it comes to my budget—this I blame entirely on the WE channel.  Platinum Weddings, David Tutera, and Four Weddings are a giant conspiracy for me to find more things I want at the wedding–not good!

Oh!  And I bought some perspective wedding shoes…they might have to just be for my reception dress though, because they are TALL!  What do you guys think?



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