Blueprint Cleanse, part 4

Well, I’m just about over the hard part!  In another hour or so, I’ll crack open my last juice on the juice-only portion of the cleanse.  Hooray!

I could easily keep going on just juice, and in fact, very seriously considered extending the juice-only part of the cleanse using a local juicer.  But, in the end, I think this length of time has been perfect to get me to reset.  I’ll be doing 5 days of easing off the cleanse (first raw vegan – then vegan – then vegetarian – then just healthy) and will consider myself officially “finished” on Friday evening.

Yesterday I felt great and had a ton of energy all day and experienced none of the supposed “detox” symptoms, which I attribute directly to adding salt to my juice.  Isn’t it coincidental that most of the supposed “detox” symptoms of cleansing are the same as the symptoms of hyponatremia?  Seriously…if you’re going to cleanse…make sure you’re getting adequate sodium, and you’ll have a much easier go of it.  Don’t let all the nonsense about “you have to experience the headaches and stomach issues to truly know you’re cleansing” get to you.  It’s just silly.

Today, too, I felt totally fine, and only felt hungry when I stretched the time between juices a little longer than I should have, when I went to a movie.  Yesterday, I didn’t even finish my last juice…I just wasn’t hungry for it, I already felt full.  I’m looking forward to seeing how much food it takes me to feel “full” on real food again.

As of this morning, I was down another 1.5 lbs, so 8.5 lbs total (that’s 4.5 from the cleanse itself, 4 from the pre-cleanse).  That’s fantastic.  My skin also looks better, and perhaps most oddly, my sense of smell is greatly improved.  My original goal, though, was to reset my cravings, and unfortunately I’m not totally sure that has happened. A big, crunchy salad does admittedly sound great.  But so does a bacon cheeseburger.

One other surprising consequence: it’s made me think more creatively about food.  Watching Carl eat taquitos yesterday, remembering what they tasted like, I started thinking about how I could come up with a better recipe for taquitos and make them myself.  (I’m thinking shredded chicken,  green onion, roasted chiles, and mozzarella cheese, rolled up in a corn tortilla and then baked instead of fried.)

I’ll probably do one final post on this once I’m back to eating normally, but in general, I liked the cleanse.  I think I might do another in February.  Using a structured program makes it especially easy–I didn’t need to think about anything, I just drank my numbered juices, and that was it. If you have more specific questions, let me know.  Otherwise, I’ll return to the “regularly scheduled wedding programming” of this blog soon 🙂


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