Blueprint Cleanse, Part 3

Well, I’ve survived the first juice-only day and am another 3 pounds down as a result.  That’s 7 pounds total after three days: wow.

The rest of the day yesterday was ok.  I had a few hunger pangs, but mainly I just missed the  ritual of eating.  Today, I didn’t wake up hungry or anything, just kind of bored with the idea of drinking more juice.

As for the rest of the juices (I described the first two in my last post) the spicy lemonade is tasty, but leaves that “maybe you’ve been drinking margaritas too long” citrus aftertaste just under my tongue.  The beet juice is probably my least favorite.  The flavor isn’t overwhelmingly beet-y, but just kind of generally unappetizing.  And the cashew milk was tasty, though it reminded me a lot of Slim Fast shake.  It at least felt substantial, which was better than most of the other juices throughout the day, and I was happy to have it last.  The pineapple-apple-mint is still my favorite.

According to the hippy-dippy types, I’m going through “detox” symptoms from the juice “cleaning out toxins” in my body.  This included a rather unpleasant couple trips to the bathroom yesterday evening post beet-juice (and fyi….if you drink a bunch of blood-red beet juice, then have a rather *explosive* time on the toilet, it looks like you’re bleeding internally, just fyi) as well as a headache last night that got progressively worse.  Unfortunately, for the guru set, I’m pretty sure these symptoms are much more likely to have been caused by lack of certain electrolytes, namely sodium, which happens because you’re drinking a ton of water on the cleanse.  

You only get about 12% of your recommended daily intake of sodium from your juices, and even Blueprint tells you that if you’re feeling low, you should add some “Celtic Sea Salt” to one of your drinks.  (For the record…I have Italian sea salt and have no idea what the difference may be.)  So this morning, I got a bit of salt with my first green juice–not enough to taste, but hopefully enough to clear out the last traces of this headache.  I think I’ll repeat for every other juice today.

More updates tomorrow.


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