Blueprint Cleanse, Part 2

It’s official–the cleanse has begun!

I did the vegan diet (mostly raw) for the past couple days to prepare, which was not too big of an issue.  Yesterday, however, I was experiencing some pretty intense carb cravings though.  Watching other people eat mashed potatoes at lunch was torturous, and Carl’s dinner of taquitos (which I normally don’t even like that much) looked like a 5-star meal to me.  Still, I resisted.

I got a bit of a mild headache around 5pm yesterday, which may have just been from lack of calories, to be honest.  I fixed the zucchini, tomato, avocado dish for dinner again, then snacked on pistachios and blueberries throughout the evening, and the headache quickly subsided after I had some more food.

Today, I woke up and weighed myself and got a nice bonus: I’m already down 4 lbs, (Though, considering I’m coming off the holidays, it’s not the surprising…I’d been eating like crap.)  This morning I had some green tea, and then dove into my first juice, this green number:

photo (7)

I was worried, based on the many blogs I read, that it would be disgusting.  Verdict: it’s not bad at all.  To me, the overwhelming taste profile is cucumber, even though cucumber is the 4th ingredient after romaine, apple, and celery.  I wouldn’t necessarily say I *enjoyed* the taste, but it’s certainly palatable.

I have work today, but it’s a fairly light day for meetings, so hopefully my juicing will not get in the way of anything.  Tomorrow, the maid-of-honor (she’s also doing a juice cleanse, but not Blueprint) and I have plans to hit a yoga class and a steam room after.  (Thank you 24-hour fitness, for having free 3-day passes on your website!)  More to come later on.

Update 11:13: The second juice (pineapple, apple, mint) is DELICIOUS.  It tastes like a pineapple mojito.


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