On a quest for the perfect bridal jewelry

According to the many pesky “wedding checklist” calendars, I should be determining my accessories this month.  Seems a bit premature to do this before my dress has even come in, but, hey, sparkly things!!!


I LOVE these earrings (pictured above).  They just evoke old Hollywood glamour to me, vintage Liz Taylor.  Or rather, I would love them, if they were about 3x larger–the total size of these is just a bit over an inch, whereas I’m hoping for at least 3″ or longer.  I mean, I’m gonna have some pretty big Texas hair at this wedding–I can’t have my earrings getting lost in the mix.

Nordstrom’s has some that are somewhat similar, but just “not quite it”.  Saks has these, but again, a bit small for what I’m wanting.  Anyone seen anything similar to that anywhere recently?

I also think I’ll need a necklace, and other than “pretty” have no real ideas for what it should look like.   Maybe something like this?  Or maybe just a classic look:


And is it possible I might just *have to have* this bracelet?


It’s time to bling me out, friends.  I’m looking for old-Hollywood vintage style with a whole lot of bling.  Under $500 total hopefully, for everything, so we’re talking CZs and crystals, definitely not the real thing.  Who are your favorite designers? All suggestions appreciated!


3 thoughts on “On a quest for the perfect bridal jewelry

  1. go to Macys or other department stores after christmas and see what you can find, it doesn’t have to be “real” bling, just good looking and something that won’t make your ears turn black/green/itchy. This might be a better hunt done in person than online :/

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