The Money Pinch, part 1


Well, everyone said it would happen.  That as the wedding got closer, we’d start feeling the pinch of all that money we’re spending.  And boy do we.

I think this happens because no matter how many times the magazines tell you to set–and keep–a budget, once you’ve already spent so much money it’s really easy to say “what’s $500 extra dollars, after all the rest?” and so on.

But now that everything is planned, booked, and contracted the numbers are certainly staring me in the face.  I think the hardest part is that so much of it is due all at once, starting the month before the wedding and leading up to the day itself.  If I felt like I was able to spread out some of this right now, it wouldn’t feel so alarming.

But, I did get a nice surprise today, courtesy of my cruise line.  The price per person of our cruise went down $50, so I made a call and got $100 taken off our cruise date–yay!  Now I can use it to buy Carl his $500 custom suit…*groan*.

Anyways, part 2 will be how I *am* trying to save money.


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