My Fit Foods – The Bridal Diet

So, as approximately 99.9% of all brides on the planet, I’d love to lose a few pounds before my wedding. 

But considering my job which involves a) frequent travel and b) required nights and dinners out, plus general pre-wedding socializing with friends and weekly football tailgates, weight loss is kinda difficult.  So I decided it was time to get serious.

On Thursday, I set up a consultation at My Fit Foods to try their 21-day challenge. The “consultation” was basically a trainer who’d clearly had plenty of the company kool-aid trying to “sell” me on doing the challenge.  I was already in without his pitch, though, so I thought most of it was a waste of my time.  Regardless, I started the program on Friday and am 4-days in.

The idea is that I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, for a total of between 1100 and 1300 calories. All of their food is supposed to be “freshly prepared” and organic/free-range/hormone free. I also do a morning “liver cleanse” (which I’m pretty sure is bullshit) and take their vitamin/supplement pack.  You’re also supposed to totally cut out caffeine, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners.  Total, it costs between $500-600 if you do the challenge exactly as they prescribe.

Unfortunately, most of the food is disgusting so far.  Either it’s so bland it’s like eating gruel, or it’s chock full of some very weird combination of spices that don’t go together.  At least half of the meals are just different incarnations of ground turkey.

The “liver cleanse” is also pretty gross.  You put 4-oz unsweetened cranberry juice, 1-oz B-12, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, and the juice from 1/2 a lemon together with as much water as you need to dilute it for you to be able to get it down.  I really don’t trust these things at all.  The “consultant” initially told me that it’s to “increase the ph-level of your blood, making your blood more oxygenated.”  I looked up that claim when I first got home, and it’s 100% crap.  There’s no way to change your blood ph through diet.

At the same time, I’m losing weight.  This isn’t entirely surprising, as you only get about 1200 calories a day, and then several of the meals are too gross to finish anyways.

I’ll be sure to report back on my final weight loss when my 21 days (which will actually be closer to 30 days since I’ll be out of town for several occasions) is up.  If it works, and I lose a lot of weight, I suppose the terribleness of the food is worth it.  Otherwise, this will have been a totally failed experiment.  Here’s hoping!


One thought on “My Fit Foods – The Bridal Diet

  1. As an update, at the end of everything, I didn’t really lose any weight. A couple pounds, but that was it. I’m not really a fair candidate though, as I was out of town for so much of it, and consequently, off diet. I’d try Snap Kitchen, though, if you’re looking to try one of these. The food just isn’t particularly tasty.

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